The first direct medication and cannabis counseling for patients by pharmacists.

Schedule a confidential one-on-one online consultation with one of our licensed pharmacists to learn about the best way to manage your medications and cannabis use.

Improve your quality of life by knowing how cannabis interacts with your medications.

ChirpRx pharmacists understand how prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, or supplements, can interact with the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. We offer a  personal, direct, and simple way for you to ask questions, discuss your health history and create wellness plans to help you get and stay healthier.

ChirpRx can offer this service because our pharmacists are passionate about the science of cannabis.  By understanding how cannabis strains – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids – interact with your body and the ways you consume it, you now have access to friendly professionals with this unique expertise from the convenience of your home.

No matter your health care challenge – diabetes, blood pressure, chronic conditions, etc. – if you are also a cannabis user, we will be able to provide you with clear, friendly and unbiased pharmacist recommendations

You no longer need to drive to the pharmacy or wait until your next doctor’s appointment to discuss medication and cannabis use concerns, symptoms or questions.  All you need is a computer with Internet connection to consult with one of our professional pharmacists online.

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Better tools to optimize cannabis and medication therapy.

Patient Profile

Provide your medical history, health records and sign disclosure forms in one single location! You can also manage your personal information, security settings and preferences here.

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Schedule, re-schedule or cancel sessions, manage your profile and access the latest news and alerts related to the medical cannabis industry. You are also able to follow up on any account alerts.

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Video Sessions

Video chat with your pharmacist in a direct, secure session. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. All you need is an internet connection, a webcam and a compatible browser. No software installations or complicated setups needed.

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Knowledge Base

Access a library of resources, information and latest reports from experts in the field of medications and cannabis science to expand your understanding of how both can help to improve your quality of life.

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Session History

You can decide if you want to record your sessions in our encrypted storage so you can access them later, safely and securely. Our system follows strict compliance and security protocols to ensure only you have access to these recordings.

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Access research, articles and advice for patients, pharmacists and health providers.

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Since their discovery, endocannabinoids have been found to play a role in memory, mood, appetite and metabolism, sleep, pain response, thermoregulation and immunity.

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For Health Providers

Medical cannabis: A new frontier for pharmacists.

As use of medical cannabis grows, pharmacist involvement is anticipated to expand. Pharmacists need to make sure they are adequately equipped to be a resource to clinicians who may have patients using medical cannabis.

Should Cannabis Dispensaries Have Pharmacists On Staff?

With a doctor providing certification and budtenders giving product recommendations, where does a pharmacist fit in the medical cannabis patient’s journey from certification to treatment?

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